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About Palmer's Gutter's & More LLC

Our company is founded and owned by Karen Palmer. Her deepest belief is that women and men can achieve anything they set their minds to. She encourages women to reach to the farthest depths of their ability to coexist in male predominant fields of work and play. Karen has grown up with a father and brother that have contracted and worked on some of the largest recognizable buildings in New York State. The experiences that her family has shared over the majority of 50 years has become a foundation for this business to build upon. Karen holds near and dear to her that everything matters on every job from the first nail to the the last sweep of a broom. What matters to you matters to her.
Palmer's Gutter's & More LLC is built upon core values that everyone can relate to. A real sense of a proud company offering you professional service that feels like family. Superior products because everyone deserves the best no matter what their budget is.


Seamless gutter installation

Producing our gutters on site and installing them to your predetermined specifications.

Roof repair

Repairing damaged roofs of any type of material. Installation of new roofing.

Siding installation/repair

Installing any variety of siding you choose in available color options. Repairing damaged or missing siding.

Gutter protection

Offering various styles of gutter protection installed professionally.

Windows and doors

Installing new windows and doors. Replacing windows and doors of any style.

Handyman services

A huge variety of handyman services from fixing a scuff on a wood floor to painting a whole house.

Garage/Barn installation or repairs

Erecting buildings from start to finish. Repairing buildings that are damaged.

Masonry projects

Repairing various types of masonry projects.


  • Nunda, New York, United States